What a fantastic celebration of Free Acres!

Over the weekend of July 24th and 25th, we had more than 300 guests, both adults and children, ranging from current residents to real old-timers take part in the Centennial weekend!

If you have any questions, contact Cheryl Venter, the Centennial Committee Chairperson, at mail@venter.com.


The Centennial Celebration has inspired us to think about the future of Free Acres and how we can use this special occasion to launch new initiatives into the next 100 years. Many Free Acres folk from all corners of the world, who are planning to join in on the festivities, have also been asking how they can help to ensure that the spirit of Free Acres endures.

The Centennial Committee has decided to establish the Free Acres Archive Museum at the Farm House to preserve the legacy of Free Acres into the next century. With this Archive Museum we can collect the myriad of archival materials, first-edition books, news clippings, photographs and essential Free Acres memorabilia in one place and have the ability to preserve, digitize and exhibit them. The Archive Museum will also be an active, growing archive where we can collect and preserve documents on Free Acre life as it happens. The Museum can also be a focus for educational and cultural activities – exhibitions, lectures, classes – inspired by our history and ideas.

We are setting up a Free Acres Centennial Fund that will enable us to fund some of the activities at the Centennial Weekend and provide the initial resources to establish the Free Acres Archive Museum. The major effort in creating the Archive Museum will be the physical renovation of the top floors of the Farmhouse to bring them up to museum and archive standards and installation of the archival storage and presentation facilities, so that the Museum can be used for research on and presentation of our holdings. The process of digitizing historical documents has already begun as part of the Centennial effort, and the Historical and Archive Committee has a large core collection of archival material ready for deposit in the museum archive.
We are asking you to join us in founding the Free Acres Archive Museum by donating to the Free Acres Centennial Fund.

All Donors to the Centennial Fund will be acknowledged in the Centennial Program and on a permanent Centennial Fund plaque at the Farm House as well as receive other items of appreciation. Click here to contribute to the Centennial Fund.

We have established several levels of Participation –

Archive Museum Founder $2,500 - $5,000
Henry George Benefactor $1,000 - $2,000
Bolton Hall Patron $500 - $1000
Amy M. Hicks Supporter - $500
Will Crawford Sponsor - $250

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